Web Semantics 101

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Say you wanted to know where the last three best actor winners were born. You might start by searching on Google for a list of best actor award winners and then consult Wikipedia to determine where these individuals were born.  What if you could ask the same question to a search engine and receive a precise answer? The above example highlights the key difference between conventional keyword based search and semantic search. Under keyword search, crawlers analyze web page content based on the frequency of keywords and the number of inbound links.  Under semantic search, crawlers analyze information categorized by individuals. Artificially intelligent algorithms then use search queries to recognize relationships between user defined hierarchies to return more precise information. Seem like science fiction, a few companies like Wolfram Alpha and Hakia are allready pioneering a smarter way to organize and search for information.  Once perfected, semantic search will have profound implications for how B2C and B2B media companies organize and present data to customers.

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